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I'm a photographer and graphic designer.

I was born and grew up in Sweden. Via Rome, Munich and Lyon I finally landed in the Hague in the Netherlands. Here began my life as a graphic designer, commercial photographer, mother and wife. My customers are often related to Sweden in some way, like the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, MH Leadership, Cicerone Cross Cultural Communication. But the Dutch Female Wave of Change and Haagrecht Advocaten are also among them.


I love the colours of October, the quiet Swedish forest, the early morning walks through Rome's historical streets, the crispy cold of a Swedish winter day, the food passion of the Italians.


Photography is my way of capturing a moment, an expression or nature's fascinating existence. My pictures are quiet, calm, and peaceful. Just like Sweden.

When not photographing or designing, I cook Swedish meals, spend time with my family, or read books about the old Rome.

Carolina de Klerk Nordholm



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